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I was late to the party but still managed to pick up 2. does anyone know roughly how many were available total? Im assuming 75k to 100k again or roughly the same amout as her last release

I'm surprised these are not booklets. I wonder if each color has a different signed insert? I dont care at all about different cd variants. Anyways, I really hope she goes back to booklets for whenever she releases her new version of her other previous albums.

It looks like in the photos on the website that each cd color comes with a different signed pic. So there should be 4 different signed pics.

I'm thinking you are probably right, but this is posted in the disclaimer so who knows..

Depiction of this product is a digital rendering and for illustrative purposes only. Actual product detailing may vary.

Liked the signed booklets better, but happy she does this again :)

I'm non-US and they don't seem to accept a forwarder address, so if anyone would be able to get extra ones to give away...

My order got cancelled because I used a forwarding address :(

I was only able to buy this one, hopefully they might be available at independent record stores or her UK Web Store later on. 

Pretty stupid. Redirects me to the UK webstore that doesn't even exist!!!

You'd think they'd be on the ball and have the UK webstore up and running even if it is not selling any signed items! 

The UK web store has been up previously for pre orders so maybe they’re updating it? 

It was open with signed copies available about 5am UK time, I managed to get one before it stopped working 

People are already listing the green one that sold out quickest on ebay for $400 lol. 

Yes they are selling for £80.00 individually or £350.00 for the set of 4.....What cost of living crisis?

Pretty stupid when if you look carefully you can buy her other signed CD's for £25.00 - £30.00 - which all these will be priced at in a couple of months time.... 

It may be obvious, but seeing as nobody has mentioned it yet: the four back covers, when placed together in a square, form a clock face.  It’s a nice touch, and another reason to make collecting all four editions appealing.  T Swiz is very savvy with her marketing.


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