Hi Everyone- Here we have a Pretenders self-titled debut signed LP up for discussion. Signatures appear extremely similar to a handful of others I've seen through the years that were signed around 1980-1981 (see secondary examples here). Does anyone have an opinion as to the possible authenticity of this piece? All opinions will be greatly appreciated. Happy Independence Day to All! -Syren

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I have serious doubts. Here is my set for comparison.

While Joe's signed pages are real and look great, those signatures are not what was signed on the 1,000 or so albums from the signing event. The signatures on your album in question are legitimate and real. If you check, you should find that the album in question is a UK pressing since that is what was signed at their signing shortly after the album's release.

First and third you posted are def. authentic imo.

2nd is abit unusual, but still most likely authentic, too.

This one is authentic, too: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303201111282



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