another idea I had and you all can tell me if you like it or not but I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could post upcoming releases to keep an eye out for, I've never really known where to post these tips. right now I see people are watching for Harry Styles's new album with Pre-orders starting April 1st at 12 am UK, and Miley Cyrus is also releasing her first live album scheduled to drop also on April 1st. no guarantee there will be anything signed but I will be watching so I don't get caught off guard as i did with RHCP

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What a load of crap lol


I know right lol, I spent most of the day and lost sleep waiting on this? 

Why waste time signing when she sells a ton of this junk?

Yeah, I missed out on the black keys while calculating the amount taylor could sign.. talor was a dud.. and now Max Creeps looks to be underwhelming as well... what a day

Yeah I missed the Black Keys cuz sometimes it takes an hour or longer to get the email from here letting me know a thread has been updated. Oh well. What is wrong with the Max Creeps?

Their album is out.. my hopes were probably just set too high but its not great music

You had not heard their music before?

Eric... haha.. zingggggg.... thats awesome

Well, I'm trying to understand all of this stuff. People seem to have a different mind set with preorders. Buying something you never heard is odd to me. It's like collecting vintage stars and never seeing one film by them.

Eric, I had FOMO (fear of missing out) with them connected to green day and guns and roses. Id love to have a Billie Joe Armstrong autograph without paying hundreds at some point in my life. It doesn't seem likely now but I was all in on Max Creeps with their marketing scheme thinking this would be huge. I would have loved to have a spinal tap signed album when they came out.. im a pretty big fan of all 3 of those guys now.. its not exactly the same thing but it is still a fun ride to speculate and be part of something before it happens

Speak for yourself. I'm gonna have hours of fun with that inner tube.



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