real or fake?

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Thanks Seamus! I thought it could be as well. Anyone else have an opinion?

Looks good.

I also think its good. 

For me is terrible ... And maybe not authentic... 

well it isnt an attractive looking piece for sure, but a more attractive piece would command a hugh premium

there are lots of copies / prints around of this style signed photo it seems to be a favourite for fakers so make sure it is actual pen signatures try get a hold of it in person before buying, a similar three signature red pen signed copy was doing the rounds three or four years ago from dubious sources 

Whose signature is the bottom one? Doesn’t look like anyone in the band.. it’s not moon , it’s not entwistle...highly doubt this is real... Pete usually signs more of last name and daltrey is a mess.. I would avoid this one....

That must be the Daltrey folks are saying is a mess? 

I think I now side with mistydog. After a second looks, the John and ‘Roger’ aren’t good, which makes me believe the Pete isn’t as well. 

people forget john was an artist his sig was really good and consistant he painted did album covers

I didn't john and roger is smushed

to many factors  against theres better out there


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