How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Hello all,

I’m new to the forum, but I’ve been collecting autographs since the late 1970s.  I started with U.K. sports stars, but quickly moved into my true passion, which is music.  For fun, I also collect signed books, which I often find for very little in charity shops (thrift stores).

Anyway, I wanted to share my latest acquisition with you.  This Bob Dylan art book is one of only 12 signed copies made available during Dylan’s 80th birthday week by the National Portrait Gallery, London.  It cost GBP £500, which, as I’m sure you’re aware, is a bargain for a signed Dylan piece with impeccable provenance.



Full story here:


Thanks, Eric.

It’s not my first Dylan, but it was a nice, unexpected surprise.

I also own one of his signed giclée prints:



VERY nice. Thank you.

Gruntruck signed pick guard. Signed by Gruntruck and Producer Jack Endino at Easy Street Records, Seattle on Record Store Day. 

Picture postcard sent from drummer Moe (Maureen) Tucker to guitarist Sterling Morrison, both of The Velvet Underground, dated 5 June 1991.  Moe was on a solo tour of Europe at the time, whilst Sterling was working as a tugboat captain in Houston, TX.  The postcard predates the Velvets’ reunion by 18 months or so.

I bought this not so much for Moe’s autograph, but because it’s an interesting piece of memorabilia from one band member to another.  Sterling would join Moe’s band for another European tour the following spring — his first touring experience since his Velvets days.  Baby steps toward the 1993 reunion, and this postcard is part of that journey.



New member here.  Saw this post and thought I would share my last acquisition.  I collect signatures with Bible verses.  My collection spans all genres, Sports, Entertainment, Books, Politics, etc.  It's very niche and some signatures are from well-known names and some not so well known, but I love them all!  Below is my latest acquisition...

Signed by three members of the Christian Alternative Rock Band Tenth Avenue North.

A recent acquisition with a very interesting story.

A signed first-edition U.K. copy of Margaret Atwood's 2006 book, "The Tent". More of an uncommon work to find signed (at a reasonable price) of this specific title, but the background behind it is very interesting.

This book is associated with the event where she debuted the "LongPen", a mechanical device Atwood co-created with an inventor that could be seen as a hybrid "autopen/remote-signing" device. It was infamous at the time it was revealed, and even resulted in a major story in The Guardian regarding its usage.

This copy came from a New York seller and was dated at the launch event for the edition itself (which was officially released on Mar. 6, 2006, according to the Amazon listing for it), and the article goes into background about what happened --- the LongPen malfunctioned at launch, necessitating the people who had bought the book and were tuning into the launch event online (they were streaming it from an NYC bookstore) to send in their contact details so she could sign them in-person and then mail them out.

Joni Mitchell “Taming The Tiger” Signed Artist Proof Print. Circa 1997.

Very nice!

Any story behind this acquisition?  You don’t see these come up for sale too often.

I have a signed DE of Morning Glory on the Vine in the mail to me as I write.  Missed out on the initial release due to being on holiday at the time, so had to go the AbeBooks route.  I’ll post photos when it arrives.

I picked this poster up locally here in Los Angeles from someone who worked on her tour.

Arrived today.

Peter Graves signed DVD cover. 

Been looking for an Airplane piece.

Very pleased



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