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Wanted to start by thanking our founder  Steve Cyrkin, Admin for this wonderful site!

I'm up to 65 Friends here, and so appreciate  everybody's contributions in this community to help build our collections in this Autograph hobby we all so love.

As 2023 comes to a close, it's time again for:


If you all will kindly allow me to go first here's

*****MY TOP GETS: (In no apparent order)

Rod Stewart

Rob Halford (Judas Priest)

The Struts

Geddy Lee (Rush)

Duff McKagen (Guns N Roses)

Def Leppard

Iggy Pop

Shania Twain

Adam Lambert


None this year, our awesome community shared some incredible finds and I got all the ones that interested me!

Now, I am still looking for a BRIAN MAY. London Stereoscopic has a book for 50 pounds, plus 30 pounds Shipping to Canada...that's almost $140 CAD and I could still get hit with Duty. Hoping Brian will do a solo album in 2024 and pick up a signed Cd for way less than $140!

So...now it's your turn.... 2023: WHAT WERE YOUR TOP GETS? MISSES?

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year...See you in 2024 !!!


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I really got back into collecting this year after finding this amazing site. Some of my favorites this year:

  • Barbra Streisand
  • Brian Johnson
  • Rick Rubin
  • Jason Isbell - Weathervanes
  • Jack White
  • Geddy Lee
  • Jordan Peele
  • Sly Stone
  • Noah Kahan
  • Shakey Graves


  • Jason Isbell’s “Southeastern” from Vinyl Tap in Nashville. One of my favorite albums ever - this one still haunts me lol 
  • This new Neil Young signed record is giving me some serious FOMO lol

Those are some nice gets for sure KP   !!!

Hits were Kate Bush, How to be invisible. Was lucky enough to get a copy with invisible ink. Managed to also grab a Stewart Copeland signed snare head as well as a personalised Madness vinyl.

Wasn’t a bad year. A shame about Liam Gallagher and Elton John autopens though. Wonder how many autopen dramas 2024 has in store…

Hey Joe  nice hits for sure, and I totally agree re Liam Gallagher & Elton autopens.

Hopefully more and more artists are learning that they'll get caught and called out if they dare employ the dreaded autopen!

I have to look back but I believe my 1st major score this year was Kate Bush. This was definitely one of my biggest years and I have a lot of people to thank for that on here. This is such a great community. Also going through 3 surgeries -  knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, and currently Peroneal tendon split, I had way too much time to stay vigilante

Thse were to follow in no particular order 

Kate Bush

Paul Simon

James Hetfield

Geddys Lee

Alex Lifesin - envy of none

Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Patrick Stewart

William Shatner

Cate Blanchet - ordered in Nov arrived Jan does that count?

Brian May

Wolf van Halen on vinyl and insert

Alter bridge on vinyl

Joan Baez

Ziggy Marley

Mr. Bungle - Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo

Paul Young

Avenged Sevenfold

Jack Black - Kevin Gass (Tenacious D)

Jason Isbell

Adam Lambert

Fall Out Boy

The Black Crows

Extreme - I love nuno

Nickelback - ordered Nov 22 received April 23

The Damned

Jennifer Lopez

New Kids On The Block

Neil Young - book from Indigo

Breaking Benjamin

Busta Rhymes

Ice T

Nicki Minaj - we will see

Van Morrison

Def Leppard

Geezer Butler

Toni Iommi

Bill Ward

David Duchovny

Gillian Anderson 

Faith Hill - Christmas vinyl

Olivio Rodrigo

Lana Del Rey

Anthrax vinyl

Bernie Taupin

Blues Traveler - four cd

Damon Albarn - Blur


Alice Cooper

Andrea Bocelli

Belinda Carlisle

Iggy pop

Millie Bobby Browns secretary haha

Jamie Lee Curtis

Lenny Kravits - preordered


Tori Amos, Trevor Horn

Keanu Reeves - Dogstar

Tom Hanks - ordered in 2022 arrived 2023

Nick Mason drumhead - hasn't shipped yet

Robert Downey jr - won't see until 2024

Thirty Seconds to Mars - yeah I fell for it lol

-And last on this list but by far from least

Barbra Streisand 

This isn't even a complete list. I left out many that are either still available, not as popular, or I just didn't want to dig thru my collection to remember. 

Misses are still plenty but main ones are  Pink, Depeche Mode and Bush greatest hits vinyl which is a miss only because the description states signed print but instead was a signed cover to everyones surprise

Thanks Jimmy James for posting another year in review! We still have a couple weeks but let's have a great 2024

Nice list Jason. Impressive. Weird to think back on the last year and all of that stuff popping up. Probably wouldn't have imagined it a year ago at this time.

Haha just noticed some random little misspellings for some names in my list but no way to fix it now lol

After the Bob Dylan nonsense, I was so close to taking an extended break from this hobby. I just couldn't stay away though. My 1st surgery was the beginning of March and I really had nothing better to do lol, but for a while there I was very close to giving up and missing out on all of these great signatures. You're right though. I never thought I'd ever have a chance getting some of these names

Hi Jason H, now THAT is what I'd call some serious gets and collecting.

Hope that's the end of surgeries for you Jason.

If you see a Brian May cheaper than London Stereoscopic please let me know.

I haven't run into Dan Aykroyd of late, but when I do, I'm requesting an autograph for you :)

All the best, see you in 2024.

Thanks Jimmy James. I'll keep you in mind for sure if I or someone on her comes across a cheaper option. 

Oh, I did miss out on an Aykroyd signing with Jim Belushi earlier this year I would have drove to if I only knew 2 days sooner. Oh well, one of these days I'll catch him again but thanks for keeping a lookout

Some of my favourites:


Paul McCartney

Patrick Stewart

Billy Connolly

Nick Mason

Brian May

Jack White


Ian Anderson

Geezer Butler

Jeff Goldblum

Julian Lennon

Michael Caine

Rod Stewart (TBC)

James Hetfield (TBC)

Brian Wilson (2022)

Van Dyke Parks (2022)

Buster Keaton (2022)

Barack Obama (2022)

Bruce Springsteen (2022)

Stephen Fry (2022)


Vintage purchases:

Nico (beautiful signed poster from 1982)
Sterling Morrison (triple-signed voter registration card from 1980)

Favourite new releases:

Kate Bush
Debbie Harry and Chris Stein
Kylie Minogue
Jack White
Bryan Ferry
Michael Caine

This is far from a complete list, just the cream of this year’s crop.


Paul Simon — too late, simple as that.

Joan Baez — I already have a vintage autograph from her.  I wanted her new book, but not enough to import a copy from the United States at an inflated cost.  Irritated that this one didn’t turn up for sale in the U.K.

Thanks Jimmy James!! Happy holidays to all and hoping for a great 2024. A big thanks to everyone on here for all the great posts this year!



Paul Simon 

Bernie Taupin

Sly Stone

The Airplane! book 


Kate Bush (though I gave to a friend who is a longtime fan) 


Green Day - hopefully not over yet lol

Natalie Merchant - signed new album available on tour but hard to find at retail (only saw it once and missed it)



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