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Josh Board replied to totor59's discussion Michael Jackson Musée Grévin Autograph (1997)
"Prashant, speaking of things for sale...are you still interested in my album? Let me know if you're not, because a few other people have contacted me after I initially posted, about it. I don't mind hanging on to it, if you're…"
Josh Board replied to totor59's discussion Michael Jackson Musée Grévin Autograph (1997)
"I'm not an expert on Michael Jackson, but the few people on this site that are, don't like it. I will say this, though. The BIG MISTAKE people make with autographs, many times, is the ITEM the signature is on. I once saw an Elvis signature…"
Josh Board replied to Andy W's discussion Nick Lowe - Signed Vinyl
"Love Lowe. Saw him live 3 times. Two of those times, I had him sign albums for me. Great guy. Underrated songwriter."
Josh Board replied to nicholas pansini's discussion Roger Daltrey autographed "Who Live at Leeds" LP. Is this signature the real McCoy?
"Just something to consider. Having a 99 cent price tag doesn't mean much. There have been a few artists I wanted to get autographs from, and only had a few CDs, but preferred an LP signature. So I'd pick up a record in the dollar bin at a…"
Jul 4
Josh Board replied to Chevy West's discussion Bob Dylan - Biograph LP set Signed - opinions
"I love the "Bob" part, not as thrilled by the "Dylan" part, but...I'd go with Roger if he says it looks good."
Jul 1
Josh Board left a comment for chris bedrum
"Someone on this site contacted me back, I sent them pictures, and it looks like next week they're going to buy it. Thanks for inquiring, though."
Jun 29
chris bedrum left a comment for Josh Board
"Please post or send Michael Jackson album photo(s)."
Jun 28
Josh Board replied to Big Saturn Comics's discussion Michael Jackson Signed CD Booklet
"I still have a signed Michael Jackson album I'm selling for $500 if anyone is interested, contact me."
Jun 28
Josh Board replied to SheenTN's discussion Lennon signed two virgins real?
"well played, terrier."
Jun 28
Josh Board replied to Joe Ringelstein's discussion Opinions please on Willie, Mickey and The Duke plaque
"I wrote a story about charity auctions. Find it somewhere on this site. Also, GO BACK to the charity you got it from, and get your money back. That will put the pressure on them, to do their research better before selling crap in the name of charity."
Jun 28
J.Seah commented on Josh Board's blog post Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold
"Thank you. I was pleased with the auction result. "
Jun 25
BC commented on Josh Board's blog post Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold
"Congrats on the big sale J.Seah. Insane how much his stuff is going for. As for Kurt's guitar, I can't think of many guitars that would be more sought after than this one."
Jun 25
Josh Board commented on Josh Board's blog post Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold
"Good news for you! That's a good price to get."
Jun 25
Dave B liked Josh Board's blog post Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold
Jun 25
J.Seah commented on Josh Board's blog post Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold
"Hi Josh!! Great post as usual. As you know I am a big Nirvana Fan!!! I wish that I had the $$$. I would certainly bid on the guitar. It is such an iconic piece of rock & roll memorabilia offer to the public and now in a private collection when…"
Jun 25
J.Seah commented on Josh Board's blog post Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold
"My Nirvana Bleach CD sold on the same auction."
Jun 25

About Me

What kind of member are you? Industry professionals must use their real names and identify themselves as such. (Check as many as apply.)
Collector, Other
What do you collect, or want to collect?
Sports, Books/Literature, Modern Hollywood and Stage, Classic Hollywood and Stage, Music
Tell us more about your collection, specific areas of interest, etc.:
For some reason, as a kid and teenager, sports autographs were my favorite. Especially basketball, as I grew up playing it. But as I became older, I started gravitating more towards singers and musicians I was a fan of.

My collection consists of thousands and thousands of autographs. Everything from CDs and albums, to movie posters, musical instruments as well as the usual 8 x 10 signed photos.

I have a lot of pieces that are very valuable, and I hate the fact that they are stored very poorly in my friends garage. But the fact is, I've run out of space at my own house. And even though I love collecting, I don't think they look good on the wall. I don't want my home looking like a Hard Rock Cafe, I'd rather have nice art work on the walls and things like that. So, that means all me pieces are just sitting in the garage or on my desk, etc. It drives my girlfriend crazy, but I can't complain. Many times, she's with me on my quest to score the next autograph.
What is your level of expertise?
What is your favorite autograph in your collection?
It would be a tie between a Morrison Hotel album, that is not only autographed by all four of The Doors, but also the photographer of the album (Henry Diltz), as well as John Sebastian (Lovin' Spoonful), who plays harmonica on Roadhouse Blues. My goal is to have it signed by everyone that had anything to do with the record, although, a few of (producer Paul Rothchild, guitarist Lonnie Mack) have died, so I might be done with it already.

I'm also fond of my Sgt. Pepper record, signed by 5 Beatles (all the four, plus original drummer Pete Best).
Why do you collect?
I think it's fun. But I'm so glad that as I've gotten older (I'm turning 40, the same year as Woodstock is!) I've chilled out. If I don't have an item for a celebrity, I don't rush up and bug them. Or if I meet someone famous, I'm not in a panic looking for a Sharpie. And it bothers me if I'm in LA getting an autograph, and some of the ebay dealers are doing exactly what I hate -- pushing and shoving, being rude, getting 20 head shots signed, and they aren't even a fan of the person that they're hounding.
You can ask anyone living or dead for their autograph. Who would it be?
If it's an actor -- Marlon Brando. A musician -- Jim Morrison. A historical figure -- Jesus Christ, although it would probably be hard to authenticate, huh? I'd also make him turn my Evian bottle into a nice red wine.
JOSH BOARD is a newspaper writer and regular Autograph contributor. He has worked in radio since his 20s. Contact Josh at

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Prince and Kurt Cobain Guitars Sold

Posted on June 24, 2020 at 10:17pm 5 Comments

I’m a big Nirvana fan and I love collectables, so I was very interested to see that the 1959 Martin D-18E guitar he played on the MTV Unplugged show, went up for auction. This Unplugged concert was about half a year before Kurt Cobain killed himself. 

There was a rather lengthy…


Autographed Card Sells For A Million Dollars!

Posted on May 21, 2020 at 10:03am 17 Comments

Okay, so...maybe that headline of that was a little fib. The card actually sold for $922,500. And of course, we now know that it won’t be long until a card sells for more than the famous Honus Wagner card. It’s amazing to think a card from 2009, which isn’t that long ago, could warrant such a price.

It’s a Mike Trout Red Refractor Autograph, that was graded 9.5 out of 10. The price realized for this rookie card was…


The Day I Interviewed Fred Willard -- R.I.P.

Posted on May 16, 2020 at 6:11pm 4 Comments

I got a phone call from a friend I’ve been going to movies with for 25 years. I met him when he managed a movie theatre and I was a teenager who had a buddy working for him. We started playing racquetball together and, upon realizing I loved movies, our conversations after games usually revolved around actors and films we liked. I hadn’t heard from him in a month, but he called and said, “An actor we both love died.”…


Rod Stewart -- An Autograph and a Check

Posted on May 16, 2020 at 10:25am 5 Comments

Who’s that knockin’ on my door?!!!!

I’ve always been a fan of Rod Stewart. Even when he dipped his toe into disco sounding songs in the late ‘70s. He’s also been a good autograph signer, if there aren’t a billion people around.

Here’s a classy move he pulled off recently. A nursing student named Natasha Jenkins was in a coma for 22 days from Covid-19. She did a video on…



Posted on May 9, 2020 at 12:05pm 5 Comments

Back in the day when you could go into a diner and put a quarter in the jukebox and hear your favorite ‘50s or ‘60s song, and Autograph Magazine was in newsstands...I wrote about the day I met Little Richard. That was probably 15 years ago, so I’ll write a much shorter version of that story, since I woke up to find he has…


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At 9:44pm on June 28, 2020, chris bedrum said…

Please post or send Michael Jackson album photo(s).

At 10:30pm on October 27, 2015, Paul said…
Watcha Smoking?
At 3:55am on May 26, 2013, Innuendo said…
Yes I'm sure. The auction I bought mine at in new York said only 25 were signed with all four boys. 25 signed would still give 25 different people or radio stations a chance to own one. I'm not selling mine. I doubt a radio station would just get tossed one. Perhaps it was a copy your station had. Or maybe someone there did buy one. Jacky Smith (head of Queen's fan club) had approved it as being one of only a handful signed. She didn't know how many exactly.
At 1:03pm on December 12, 2012, Chad B said…

I read on your page you are "also fond of my Sgt. Pepper record, signed by 5 Beatles (all the four, plus original drummer Pete Best)."

That is a great piece. Do you have a picture of it posted anywhere? What about the Doors album? I'd love to see both of them.

At 2:48pm on December 8, 2011, Jason Boyd said…

hey, longtime no talk, how've you been dude? i've got Bill Clinton on my autograph wish-list, i hope to acquire his autograph someday soon.

At 11:45pm on December 8, 2010, Jason Boyd said…
have u had any recent inperson celeb meet & greets? if so feel free to share them in my forum ''who've you met & who you want to meet''
At 6:26pm on July 10, 2010, Jason Boyd said…
hi Josh, whats your personal opinions on authentic I Dream of Jeannie bottle props?
i've seen a 2nd season sold at Butterfields, a 1st season sold at Profiles in History.
and another 2nd season sold on eBay.
i've always wanted one, i know there expensive, but if the person whos selling them,
i would commit/agree to a standard payment each month to pay it off, because its my 'DREAM' to own an original jeannie prop bottle.
p.s. do u know any stores, and/or online stores that sell 'replicas' for a good/inexpensive? i hope u had an awesome July 4th!
At 9:22am on June 12, 2010, Steve Cyrkin, Admin said…
Josh, I deleted Myron Ross's blog post by mistake when I went to edit a misspelling in the title, sorry. I let him know so he could repost.
At 10:42am on May 26, 2010, Jason Boyd said…
thank you so much. & i have 1 other question...
i met former Vice President Al Gore & his wife about 7 years ago at a booksigning
for their book i believed it was titled 'joined at the heart' ...
i bought a local newspaper ''the Raleigh News & Observer''
& the front page & headline story said:
'Al Gore will not run again for re-election'

he and his wife gladly signed it.
since its an important headline with a picture and its signed by the both of them, would that be a rare item, as suppose to a signature etc. ?
At 10:14am on May 26, 2010, Jason Boyd said…
could you help me out with some advice about an autograph?
i obtained it in person, and i know its real (duh) anyways, i'd like to have your thoughts as in demand/rarity for this item...
used in concert & signed drum sticks by Britney's Drummer
signed tour glowstick by her entire band.
i would be honored to have your opinions in regards to these two unique items.


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