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The founder of the Marvel Universe, Stan Lee, passed away Monday at age 95.

Along with Jack Kirby, Stan Lee created some of most iconic and enduring figures of the last 60 years: Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Thor, Captain America, the X-Men and many more.

Lee himself was a celebrity, often making cameo appearances in Marvel films, and he was a regular on the convention circuit — glad handing, signing autographs and taking photos with fans until the last months of his life.

While Stan Lee signed a multitude of autographs at appearances and through private signings, his enduring popularity makes him a target of forgers. Sadly, with Stan Lee's death, forgery merchants will be hawking their fake autographs in great numbers.

Post Stan Lee autographs you own or are considering buying in this discussion for authenticity opinions from the Autograph Live community.

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You asked for my opinion. And I provided it. I didn’t realize I had to provide a full dissertation on why I think it’s bad. Lol in short, it’s way too smooth  and the feel is way off. Proportion is off… too tall and skinny and the formation is off. This would not pass credible authentication. Who is this impeccable source?

Mr. Sears,

The collectors here, including myself, have given our opinion to members for ten years and more for free.

It doesn't cost anyone a penny to get an opinion on an autograph.  

Many of us, again, including myself, will never go into detail when we provide an opinion based on our knowledge because the dirt-bags of the hobby read forums like this to improve on the forgeries they pen.

All of us, have the following thousands of times:  "It comes from an impeccable or respected source."  

Doesn't mean a thing.

Please appreciate that the collectors share their learned-knowledge with those that do not have any knowledge of autographs.

You posted:

Thanks for that opinion. Source is pretty impeccable. I guess if there were any additional "because the slant is too slanty" I would be all ears !  But thanks.

I found that reply sarcastic.  

Steve posts his opinion and you reply "Source is pretty impeccable."

And then you want a more detailed write-up based on Steve's observation.

Sorry you lost your wife. I couldn't imagine what that feels like. I don't think anyone is trying to be rude; only helpful. We offer experienced opinions and, most of the time, we are on target. 

My condolences.


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