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I have an opportunity to buy a large collection of photos signed by James Stewart. They were supposedly signed for an air force buddy, but the photos look awfully new. I'd really appreciate any opinions.

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I definitely don’t like the first two but the 3rd and 4th might have possibilities. I personally would pass on all four since I don’t feel 100% confident about them. 

Those photos look very grainy...like they are reproductions of reproductions.  If they look new, it's probably because they might indeed be.  I don't care for the looks of any of the ink.   

Thanks so much for the input, JMS and Etienne, I really appreciate it. I'm going to pass on them. I see now that there is someone on ebay selling the exact same selection of photos as the ones I was offered (seller name ckoo2), for incredibly low prices.

Will -  I just looked at the photos on eBay that you mentioned.  They are so bad. That's the kind of thing that bums me out sometimes about autographs.  To realize that there are probably unsuspecting people forking over their hard earned money for that kind of garbage.

All fake, in my opinion.

These are all fake in my opinion.

I believe #1 and #4 are the same forgery style I've highlighted in this blog post: https://zarellispaceauthentication.com/blog/2012/07/james-stewart-s...

Steve, thanks for the link. These are most definitely the same. They're all cardboard stock photos, plus some Harvey sketches. The seller claimed his uncle was an army buddy of Stewart's.  

Lowlife fake sellers will say anything to move their junk. Another garden-variety scammer.

eBay seller khw is a prolific seller of this suspect style. 

Agreed that this is suspect...and yet there's a PSA stick affixed right on top of the photo!

He must be on JSA and PSA-DNA's favorite client lists it seems almost everything he has is stamped by them!  

Scott -  I think you'll especially get a kick out of this one:



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