I have an opportunity to buy a large collection of photos signed by James Stewart. They were supposedly signed for an air force buddy, but the photos look awfully new. I'd really appreciate any opinions.

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I believe these first hit the market between 2010 and 2012. I wrote my blog post several months after I noticed an explosion of these on eBay. There was seemingly an unending supply for months on end coming from a handful of sellers.

I’ve seen a few in hand and they’re typically card stock photos with unmarked backs. So there’s no easy way to date them. I would assume they were all printed after Stewart’s lifetime. You may also notice that they are uncommon or unusual poses that were not readily available in Stewart’s lifetime. Many of these poses I have never seen authentically signed.

They have been around for over a decade now and have spread around and are being resold by unsuspecting sellers. Unfortunately, it seems as though some prolific flipper dealer types buy them cheap on eBay and then get them “authenticated” and offer them at three times the price. Doesn’t make them any more authentic. 

I was just browsing eBay’s ended items and noticed what looked like a forgery of a Harvey sketch bring over $500 with multiple bids. It was authenticated so I think that’s what caused people to bid. Very sad because I am pretty sure it is one of these forgeries. 

I recently wanted a PSA Opinion on a photograph listed on Abebooks.  I could have sent the link to PSA because they do consider non-ebay listings, and it would have cost me $15.

But will PSA just accept an image without a link to a listing on the market?

The 400 forged Jimmy's are officially on their way to JK! Hopefully they do some good.

400 of them? Wow!

I really appreciate the chance to help use these as a learning tool.  I'll get a strategy together and post about it to see how people feel about it.

Thx again!

The eagle has landed!  The box has arrived.  (Reimbursement for postage going out today).

Thank you again for these.  I will take some time to document and mark these as forgeries. Then the ultimate disposal/distribution will commerce. 

It is an astounding quantity of forgeries.

Please take a photograph of the mass of them if you would. I was thinking I may update my original blog post showing a large cache of these.

I definitely will.  I will need to clear a space large enough!  It's pretty impressive.  

I'll also post photos here before the defacing step just so everyone is comfortable wirh the outcome.

Best to take photos before defacing so we have clean photos if we choose to use them to submit to authenticators via quick opinion. 


May I borrow 2 of each photo and paper you have before you deface? I'd like to analyze the photo process and identify the paper if I can.


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