I’m not sure if this is a recent thing or not, but it made the news today: 


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No kidding. Nursing homes are full of people younger than 80 who cannot care for themselves. 

Sir Paul may look great and be in good shape for a man of his age, but make no mistake… it must be very tough maintaining his schedule. At 80, who needs that kind of extra hassle? It’s a miracle he can still perform at the level he does. 

if he can sing and play a guitar he can scribble his name . i’m sure he has no problem scribbling his name to cash those checks lol 

then don’t be a musician and take the peoples money. it’s that simple. it comes with the territory. give it all up and you don’t have to get asked for your autograph. instead of being grateful they turn into jerks some of these celebrity’s who should thank their lucky stars because more talented musicians sometimes don’t make it because they didn’t get their brake into the scene or other celebrity’s 

Musicians don't "take peoples money."  Fans gladly purchase tickets to listen/watch talented (and some not-so-talented) musicians perform.

well sorry i should have said they accept the payment of the crazy lifestyle as acceptance to this world of celebrity rich lifestyle. if they didn’t want this fame and rich lifestyle that goes along with the territory then they should not take the money and signed up for this. then they don’t have to be bugged for autographs. it’s that simple. i can’t believe i’m still explaining how this works to you. it’s too bad people want your autograph but you went into this knowing this is part of what goes along w being famous. give it up and then you don’t have to get asked for an autograph. let’s see how quick these celebrity’s would give it up 

This is the same guy who worked directly with Taschen to produce multiple LE books where he signed prints or the books directly, over the course of a decade, which now run for exorbitant prices (and which Taschen Books are specifically known for, i.e. second-hand value). Methinks doth protest too much.

What an article - can't tell whether I'm supposed to be more annoyed that he admits that "fan mail would be binned", that he drudged up old gossip from the Let It Be era ("John broke up the Beatles!") or that he doesn't even like taking photos anymore... while still telling people he wants to have a conversation with them.

I'd bet dollars to donuts that if he was coming out with a new record, and he wanted that #1 sales bump, he'd absolutely sign an LE run for fans.

If you don't want to sign anything for people, just do it and don't say anything. Don't make a spectacle of it in the press (tabloid sensationalism notwithstanding).

Wow! Such outrage. 

i’m passionate about these celebrity’s forgetting what it felt like to be a fan. i admire the tony bennett’s who soak in the admiration and go above and beyond for the fans and people who love him. take note paul mccartney. 

Hardly. I don't begrudge anyone who decides to give up on signing things for fans -- people gave Jimmy Page flak for "signing" books by stamping them (and making people wait in line for hours just to get one), but he at least had a legitimate reason (issues with his hand).

What I take issue with is someone saying that of the OP while casting a wide brush over their fanbase, to the point of claiming that they're going to "throw out (bin)" all the mail they receive. That's just petty. The guy is claiming everyone is reselling his autographs while he knowingly took part in multiple book releases that had high markups -- he knew exactly what he was doing.

If I wanted to speculate, I would guess that it's less about his own stuff and more about the cottage industry cropping up around his image - after all, a recent Taschen book of photos created by his long-time photographer (Harry Benson) is being sold, and those were 600 copies going at $750 a pop - you'd better believe someone's making serious bank off him, whether he condones it or not.

At the end of the day, it's his prerogative.

You're confusing Paul with Ringo. It was Ringo who announced he would bin all fan mail after a certain date. He said this many years ago now and is old news. Macca has never said anything of the kind.

In fairness to Ringo, I think he said this when he announced in advance that he would stop signing TTM.  He gave a few or several months' advance notice and advised fans to get their requests in before the deadline. 

He was true to his word. I sent a SASE toward the end of the grace period and a few months later (after the window closed) I received a small signed photo. 

I'd like to thank Paul as this makes all the McCartney autographs I already have a bit more valueable. I'm sure he's sick of the hundreds of dealers who follow him everyone, show up at all his public appearances, etc. who are just there to resell on eBay. After signing for approx. 60 years, he owes nothing to anyone but himself and his happiness. 



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