Suspicious about the last 2 signed CDs I have received from Newbury. John Mayer and Diane Warren.

I am a bit suspicious of the last two signed CD inserts I have received from Newbury. One is the John Mayer Sob Rock CD, the other one is the Diane Warren, Cave Sessions CD. Is it me or do they look suspiciously similar? Just after advice from the hive mind before I go back to Newbury.

I have uploaded an image of the two side by side.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look,


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I don't know what you're asking, but if you're insinuating what I think you are, then no, I don't see it.

Regardless, if you're unhappy with them, email Newbury and ask if they will let you return them.

Well the John Mayer is the way he signs. That's definitely him. Couldn't tell you the one though. Either way they both have a garbage autograph.

I agree, both are very lazy autograophs, I have the Mayer one and certainly wouldn't pay more than what i did from Newbury for - Diane Warrens i wouldn't even waste my money - they are nearly as Bad as Gaga's L's which i threw away!! 

This particular mayer signature is a little difficult to see against the black background, but after looking at the signed art cards on ebay, I would say that the warren and mayer look nothing alike. That being said, if you are unsure about the authenticity, newbury is very good about returns. I would contact newbury to see if they have any more mayers where the signature is actually visible as they may be willing to replace yours with a better one.

Here is one of my Dianne Warren's in person. She has a short and awful signature as does Mayer and both look typical to me

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I guess that is one way to do a quick signature!! At least she should do a D squiggle and W squiggle or something like that! Thanks for posting your picture!

No, not similar.

I think you're over thinking it.   maybe they do look a little similar. but mayer's first letter is a looping  "J".  the other is a real crappy  "DW".

Thank you for taking the time to have a look, I'm good with that, regards to you all


Hello Andrew. I reopened this thread. Please do not close discussions.

Thank you.

It's his discussion, why can't he close it? He got the answers he was looking for.

There may be other useful comments like Christopher's that would not appear if I left it closed. AL keeps discussions open. Thank you.



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