I have some very sad news to report. I'm sorry to tell you that Tony Varvel has passed away. You may know him as GraphingMLB.

Tony was a longtime member of Autograph Live and a friend of mine for years. He was always happy to give advice from his years of experience in in-person sports collecting, mostly for his collection and not to sell. He was also especially good at modern baseball authentication, and would generally help collectors who needed advice.

I will miss him a lot.

Rest in peace, Tony.

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Oh my goodness.

I remember Tony very well here and communicated with him frequently when he was active here.

RIP, Tony.

While I did not know him, my sincere condolences to his family, and to you, Steve. The loss of a good friend is very hard. And the loss of a valued contributor to the site also so. We are very few.

This kills me.  He and I started talking on this site years ago.   He was my friend and I will miss our conversations and laughs .

Love you bro


Tony was a really great guy. Not only on the site but in real life. Graphed spring training with him every year. We became really good friends and spoke weekly since he moved to Idaho. 

He was great on baseball sigs and could study and learn new signatures as fast as anybody I ever met.

I am shocked and saddened by the news. I will miss him.

He loved spring training

Wow. I was fortunate to build a friendship with Tony the last couple months. He was an amazing guy. So shocking to hear. RIP


I had quite a few good conversations with Tony. This is very sad for me to hear. I hope all the best for his family at this time. 

May God bless you Tony Varvel.

This is tremendously sad and upsetting. I’m so sorry to hear this.

I did not know Tony well, but we communicated via private message many times. It was always a pleasure to chat with him and he seemed like a great guy.

My condolences to his family. 

I’ve also corresponded with him, and I’m really sorry to read this. Very sad news.

God love him! RIP


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