I check in daily and just noticed that Eric is no longer with us, what happened?

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I stumbled across this site about 4 months ago and I decided to join after the Bob Dylan fiasco. One of the first things I noticed was the huge amount of knowledge certain members had. Eric was definitely one of those members. Hope all is well with him.

I definitely wish Eric all the best and hope that he is able to rejoin us soon.  He is an asset to our community and hopefully he finds his way back.

I’ve been a member of this site since 2012 and I’ve seen many knowledgable members come and go.

Eric is one of the very best, always willing to help a fellow collector out, and him leaving is a huge loss for this site!

I’ve always considered him as my friend here at AML and I wish him all the best!

As do I - a fantastic contact and knowledgeable member. Sorry to hear he's left the site.

When exactly did Eric last post something? Not that long ago I'm sure. I can go quiet for weeks on end and then suddenly create or contribute to multiple threads within the space of a day or two. Perhaps Eric is just busy or doesn't feel like posting at the moment. 

Unless posts were deleted, his last post is listed as December 5th and I'd normally agree with you but his account was deactivated and now says he is no longer a member 

Well at least that means he is almost certainly OK health-wise. - that's the main thing.

He went AWOL several weeks ago and then came back.  Is this is a similar scenario?  What does someone's profile look like when they get booted?

It says that they are no longer a member.

Just my guess, but I’m wondering if he was upset about some type of altercation in a particular thread and either took some time away, or was asked to step away for a bit.  He came back, and something escalated again and he was removed from the site.  I hope I’m wrong, but I’m getting that feeling.

Eric quit so I suspended his account. 

Thank you for clearing this up, I appreciate it.

That's disappointing.



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