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How about an ongoing thread to highlight the new additions to your collection?

Whether it's a through-the-mail freebie or a big buck acquisition... it's all good. Show us what you got!

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Those are great!

Very nice.  And 70 is a super-impressive count, with more to come, I’m sure.

I like that you’ve set yourself a goal with the Geller Prize anthology.  Keeps things interesting and challenging for you as a collector.

Tom Hanks signed book

Picked this guy up in a bundle, basically for free. Im beyond ecstatic to add earnest to our collection. Post mark about 3 weeks before his death

You really scored! You know what I mean, Vern?

Ha, thanks Steve. Now to drive my wife crazy while we binge watching Earnest movies with our daughter.  This guy was a huge part of my childhood so it will bring back some good memories 

A really nice and rare vintage full signature, obtained April 7th 1981 at the Congress Center in Hamburg, Germany during Springsteen’s The River tour.

I decided to frame it with my favorite live photo and managed to ”hide” the dedication pretty nicely, at least in my opinion.

Great job! Im not usually a fan of single mat framed items but this is very nice

Thank you Jason, glad to hear that you liked it! :-)

Andy rouke and Mike jones from the smiths , being from Manchester was happy to pick this up . 

also came with photos of the meet with the band members 

Attachments: No photo uploads here


Must have seen them live on at least 5 occasions.

Highlights would be the GLC free gig at the South Bank (84?) and then Glastonbury. Was completely out of it for the latter but those chords from How Soon is Now are still rattling round in my brain.


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