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What do you think? Real is real but what do you think?  Many times Keith Moon in the early days signed 'Keith" only... 


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Opinion please. Thanks.

I'm changing this to Is this autograph real? It looks like this forum isn't getting the attention it needs yet. Sorry to take so long to notice it.

Its been on e bay for a good year or so at only £600 I think they are likely good but somethings been stopping it selling perhaps just having the first names has kept buyers away  

I think the partial names is the deal killer basically ur just buying a kieth moon that's why there still up there

also if the moon was also together it would be better

Many times Keith Moon in 1965 signed only the first name, more and more times of the other members of the band. Sets with Keith Moon only name and the other members full name are many in 1965... 

I coukd buy only the Keith Moon of this set posted....

I think that's worth considering. If you can get it at the price you want I'd run it by Epperson.

If there real couldn't u buy all keep the moon and sell the other 3 either uncertified for 2 to 300 or certified for 500 or more basically getting a free moon 

Thats a winner someone else out there will have a moon and will be wanting to make a full set up or a dealer would buy for the same reason   

For me the Keith Moon official signature is full name but also this with only keith plus the circle... like Mitch (only name) on Hendrix Experience set...

There are many set with Keith Moon signed only Keith... 

The other 3 would pull 300. You could get a quality moon for whatever you pay over 300


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