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What do you think of Beckett Authentication? Help me understand.

sent Beckett Authentication a very nice Emma Watson 8x10 which I paid a whole bunch for from UK Dealer. They found it to be Authentic. #16675743 Type the certificate number in it at Beckett it says that it's an encapsulated picture of Emma Watson. #16675743. For now. 

They sent Emma Watson back to me yesterday March 25. I thought it was going to arrive encapsulated. Instead Emma came with a letter saying that it is not authentic. But wait, Beckett authenticated it gave it a certificate #16675743 mailed it back to me without a certificate, without being encapsulated and told me it was not real.

So if you go and type #16675743 in at Beckett right now it'll still say Emma Watson Encapsulated,  until they decide to hide their mistake by making it disappear.

No one from Beckett will contact me to help me correct this yet. So I ask you what good is it having a company like Beckett Authentication when these kinds of things happen?

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It shows that cert number in your order details?

Yes, indeed Beckett put a certificate number in my order on my page on their website. As I mentioned, when you go look the autograph up by its number at Beckett, it says it's an encapsulated Emma Watson. I don't understand what the heck is going on over at Beckett.

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Wow, I’ve never seen that before. I’m wondering if it’s possible that the rejection letter was issued in error. If it was deemed authentic and the opinion changed at some point, I would think that the cert # would have been removed from the order details and cert database.

I feel like I'm in a real episode of "Black Mirror". I've never seen Beckett authentication do that before either. Every time Beckett has posted a certificate I get an encapsulated item back or a photo with a sticker under certificate, etc. This is the first time I have ever seen Beckett issue a certificate and then not send me what they certified. Like I said "Black Mirror". Like "White Bear". This is agony. 

I am sorry this happened to you it can be distressing dealing with large companies.   Most reputable dealers will accept returns if one of big TPAs rejects something.   Of course, that depends on if they offer such a guarantee.  I would not buy a big-ticket item from a dealer that did not offer one.  My advice would be to save any documentation or emails from Beckett.    Not sure why the confusing issuing of a number and it being listed on the site.   I assume they did not put a stamp on it?    I can only guess but perhaps the signature was approved by one person at Beckett then before being sent back a second one too exception to it.  No way of knowing really and Beckett will not tell you, I am sure.  

That's my fear. Beckett will delete the Emma Watson Certificate #16675743 and they'll pretend that my order never happened. This is really put me off Beckett for good. It's PSA only from now on. I bought this from the legit UK dealer. This is not a fake. I don't deal in those. I deal in high-end real autographs. Here's the letter of authenticity.

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Not to nitpick, but that sounds more like a certificate of provenance rather than authenticity.  

In any case, as I've always said, an autograph not only has to be authentic, it has to be authenticatable. Some IP autographs do not meet that standard if they were too hastily signed.

But, none of that explains Beckett's odd behavior. 

If you have not done so I would contact the dealer and explain the situation and try to return it.  The only thing but it means more money would be send in to PSA.  I think that like most TPAs it depends on the person authenticating.  If the modern entertainment guy has a cold does the sports guy fill in?   In my opinion (that has never carried much weight) is TPAs are like the old Queen they never complain and never explain.

I was looking at the order record that you posted.   Why doesn't Orson Welles have a certification number listed as he was submitted along with her?

Hahahaha, I noticed that too and want to see the Welles photo.   Was surprised he was cheaper to get authenticated than Watson.  He is certainly a heck of a lot rarer.

I've had a very limited experience with Beckett that involved an item that they had previously certified that I had purchased after they had had it.   No problems and fine customer service.

The blank Orson Welles would seem to add to the mystery of this thread.

Orson always adds mystery ;)



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