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TV Hosts and Autographs

I saw the sold-out Conan O'Brien show in San Diego, which he cleverly titled the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour."

San Diegan, and national touring singer, Jason Mraz was the music guest. Not as cool as Pearl Jam in Seattle, but he's had a few big hits (but boy "Remedy" an annoying song).

We didn't ask for his autograph before the show, because we weren't sure it was him. After the show, he gave high fives to the 100 of us waiting near…


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Autographs in Film -- The Eclipse

An interesting, small little film.

The main plot involves famous authors going to a book festival. Many of them are asked to sign books during dinners or after speaking engagements.

One funny scene involves the most famous of the authors, who has been shown to be a jerk. He gets tipsy, and is looking for an author he had an affair with. As he stumbles around looking for her, he's asked by three different people to sign things.

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Historic Pieces of Memorabilia

A cane that JFK used, was just turned into the Smithsonian Institution by a 91-year-old. Not sure why he didn't use it himself.

Red Robinson said he kept the prized piece hidden under his bed. He was a colleague of Kennedy's in the Navy, and this was used while he recovered from a back injury in 1943, due to a military accident.

The injury happened when Kennedy was on the PT 109, that a Japanese destroyer rammed. Kennedy jumped in the water and dragged men back…


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Al Pacino, Al Pacino Al Pacino -- Signing Autographs, Throwing Pens

I guess that title is a pit deceptive. It wasn't like Pacino was throwing pens in anger. He was just being funny and having a good time.

On TMZ last night, I saw him in an airport in New York, and he was signing up a storm. One reporter asks him the secret of looking so young and he replies "Keeping quiet."

Anyone that's ever gotten Pacino, knows the autograph is really just a round scribble. But hey -- he's one of the best actors of all-time, and he signs.…


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Marilyn Monroe X-Rays

I remember going into the San Diego Sports Hall of Fame in Balboa Park 15 years ago, and seeing the X-rays of Muhammid Ali's broken jaw. It was broken by San Diego's own boxing champ -- Ken Norton, a former Marine stationed in Camp Pendleton.

I always thought having that signed by both boxers would be a cool piece to add to my collection.

Imagine my surprise when I saw an X-ray hit the auction circuit.

It's from 1954, and it's of Marilyn Monroe's…


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McLovin on McSigning Autographs

Actor Christopher Mintz (who probably hates everyone yelling "Hey McLovin!") was in Superbad, and that scored him a role in Role Models (a very disappointing comedy).

I just saw him in the movie Kick-Ass (you can read my full review on

Well, he was on Jimmy Kimmel to promote it. He talked about being at a restaurant and trying to impress his friends by sending a bottle of champagne to some older women. They sent it back and he felt foolish. As…


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Family Guy and Jack Nicholson Autograph Stories

Family Guy is certainly an acquired taste. One I acquired years ago.

So, the show isn't for everyone.

On an episode I recorded from a few days ago, Stewie (the evil genius baby), designs a machine to bring the cast of Star Trek into his home. He then goes on adventures with them.

It all stemmed from him going to a Star Trek convention and trying to get Patrick Stewart to autograph his picture. Someone asked him why he didn't want William Shatners…


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TMZ Shows Autographs From Tiger to Connery

I've been catching up on all the TMZs from this week.

They showed Sean Connery signing autographs as he left his home, but he was yelling and snapping at everyone as he did it. At one point he asked for people not to shove things in his face. Another time he said "Get that bunny out of here." Nobody had a clue what he meant by that.

They reported Tiger Woods signing lots of autographs at the golf tournament, something he hadn't done in the past. The TMZ staff…


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Hockey Memorabilia

A hockey puck from the overtime gold-medal game between the U.S. and Canada at the Vancouver Olympics, now belongs to a cat in Ohio. He paid $13,088 for it.

Sidney Crosby's jersey, from a game Team Canada had against Switzerland, went for a bit more -- $35,034.

Even trays were big sellers. One that the medals were presented to the gold-medal winning women's hockey team, went for just under five grand.

The Vancouver Olympic Organization Committee…


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San Diego Autograph Things -- Black Eyed Peas and David Wells

The Black Eyed Peas played the Sports Arena on Saturday night. The big story with them and San Diego is one time at a Street Scene festival, she wet her pants. Security wouldn't let her into a certain area because she didn't have her backstage pass, and I guess, that was the area with the bathrooms (you can Google and find the concert photos -- they're hysterical).

I'm not the biggest fan of the band, and wasn't at the show. But apparently, an autograph was given out. The…


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