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Lets all hold a warm thought for Mr. James Arness, aka Marshal Matt Dillon

This past weekend at ComicCon in Anaheim I was able to mingle and talk with some of the coordinators who represent the artists that appear at such conventions and sign autographs. Inside info, is always a treat to chat about and learn from. The subject of actor James Arness came up. I don't ever remember him appearing at any conventions at least here in the L.A. area that come to mind, but for a few years now he has maintained a reliable web site where he sells REAL personally signed…


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Hi Steve,

Here is the thing that is important to know. When I must purchase something rather than being given the opportunity to get it from a private collector and have it authenticated, I send it out for secondary. I do not like using names, since my husband is a lawyer and hopelessly helpful but quite independent from my business. So referring to who you mentioned I bought some items from, when they went out for certification and were rejected, I was not allowed to…

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Col. Mitchell Paige: Medal of Honor Autograph

This is the 4th in my VALOR series of blogs. Col Mitchell Paige was the 2nd MOH Recipient I sent a poster too and one of the many who sent back more than I asked for including a very nice letter commenting on my work. It ment and still means so much to me that a Marine as great as he was took the time to tell me; " I have autographed hundreds since WWII but none as attactive as those you sent me."

Known in the Marines simply…


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Hi Steve,

Thank you for your information. I have no choice on the percentage rent since I am contractually obligated to The Forum Shops and as such, must run all sales through the store, which I always do and have done for 19 years of my 25 years in the business. Perhaps in the future, but that would be years from now. I want to keep the business dignified and valuable and yet it is more important to me to get great pieces into hands of autograph collectors like myself at a…

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McLovin on McSigning Autographs

Actor Christopher Mintz (who probably hates everyone yelling "Hey McLovin!") was in Superbad, and that scored him a role in Role Models (a very disappointing comedy).

I just saw him in the movie Kick-Ass (you can read my full review on

Well, he was on Jimmy Kimmel to promote it. He talked about being at a restaurant and trying to impress his friends by sending a bottle of champagne to some older women. They sent it back and he felt foolish. As…


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Dear Steve,
I was pleased to get your response. You are right, I meant Autographs America. You asked why I would sell these things for less than they might bring. The answer is pretty simple for someone in the retail business at a high end mall with a few desperate consignors. So I put my prices very competitively so I can move things more quickly. I don't have the luxury of waiting to achieve the highest dollar per item, and the terrific people I have worked with as clients, who are now in…

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Autographs at Antiquities

During the 25 years of my business, I have been very careful, honest, responsive and delighted by the wonder of the autograph world. You made an example of Led Zeppelin. Just feel free to call and ask me if you ever have any concerns or questions. The collection I had in - many have now sold - came from an individual who had collected Zeppelin items for over 15 years, purchasing not just from me, but from so many members of Autograph magazine. Due to this client's financial hardships in this… Continue

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Family Guy and Jack Nicholson Autograph Stories

Family Guy is certainly an acquired taste. One I acquired years ago.

So, the show isn't for everyone.

On an episode I recorded from a few days ago, Stewie (the evil genius baby), designs a machine to bring the cast of Star Trek into his home. He then goes on adventures with them.

It all stemmed from him going to a Star Trek convention and trying to get Patrick Stewart to autograph his picture. Someone asked him why he didn't want William Shatners…


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Celebrity Autographs: Do they REALLY owe us anything?

A question that is constantly raised and constantly debated, is when all the discussion ends and the dust settles, at the end of the day does any celebrity really ever owe an autograph to those that request it?

We all know the argument, and we all know the value of signed items. We all see the demand and we all see the scams. We all know about Ebay, and so does the celebrity. We all see the increasing number of autograph style conventions, and we all see the amount of…


Added by Stephen Duncan on April 10, 2010 at 8:00am — 5 Comments

TMZ Shows Autographs From Tiger to Connery

I've been catching up on all the TMZs from this week.

They showed Sean Connery signing autographs as he left his home, but he was yelling and snapping at everyone as he did it. At one point he asked for people not to shove things in his face. Another time he said "Get that bunny out of here." Nobody had a clue what he meant by that.

They reported Tiger Woods signing lots of autographs at the golf tournament, something he hadn't done in the past. The TMZ staff…


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Lt. John W. Finn, USN Medal of Honor autograph

A favorite in my collection. I created the poster and sent it out for him to sign about 3 yrs ago when he was 98 yrs old. To be honest I never thought I'd get it back, but about 2 weeks later my SASE was at the door. I send these out usally 2 or 3 at a time so when one comes back it is always a surprise to see who's inside. I was so utterly amazed he would take the time to sign and get it back to me so quickly.

What a great guy and what a bold autograph! I have seen…


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Hockey Memorabilia

A hockey puck from the overtime gold-medal game between the U.S. and Canada at the Vancouver Olympics, now belongs to a cat in Ohio. He paid $13,088 for it.

Sidney Crosby's jersey, from a game Team Canada had against Switzerland, went for a bit more -- $35,034.

Even trays were big sellers. One that the medals were presented to the gold-medal winning women's hockey team, went for just under five grand.

The Vancouver Olympic Organization Committee…


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San Diego Autograph Things -- Black Eyed Peas and David Wells

The Black Eyed Peas played the Sports Arena on Saturday night. The big story with them and San Diego is one time at a Street Scene festival, she wet her pants. Security wouldn't let her into a certain area because she didn't have her backstage pass, and I guess, that was the area with the bathrooms (you can Google and find the concert photos -- they're hysterical).

I'm not the biggest fan of the band, and wasn't at the show. But apparently, an autograph was given out. The…


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Greetings from Hungary

On behalf of the Hungarian Autograph Collectors Club (HACC) I send our best wishes to all members of this community. You can reach our website and club at It is written in Hungarian, but you can understand the articles with Google Translator:

Best regards,

Andras Kolozs

President and Founder


Added by Andras Kolozs on April 5, 2010 at 3:44am — 2 Comments

RADM. Eugene B. Fluckey, Medal of Honor autograph

This is some of the work I do to help preserve our history of American Valor. I create these posters and then humbly ask the recipient to sign them for me.

Rear Admiral Eugene "Lucky" Fluckley what an amazing story! Commander of the U.S.S Barb, a submarine in WWII, and the only sub ever to sink a train. One of the highest decorated US Servicemen, I really wanted to do his poster justice. In terms of valor,…


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PFC Jacklyn H. Lucas, USMCR Medal of Honor autograph

This is some of the work I do to help preserve our history of American Valor. I create these posters and then humbly ask the recipient to sign them for me. Jack was the 1st MOH Recipient I asked for an autograph and the very nice letter he sent me back with the photo gave me the "greenlight" so to speak to create more posters of these great men. I was very nervous at first doing this, and why not, here is a Marine Corps legend and I a mere Marine was going to…


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"RETIRED" ROCK and ROLLER'S: Obtaining their signatures - anyone got a need or a story?

There are those Rock and Rollers that for all intended purposes, are all but "retired". Christine McVie comes to mind for me, as I have a 1990 Fleetwood Mac tour book that has all 5 of the other band members signatures from that tour, but for over 15 years I have been needing her to complete it. Word has it she is living the quiet retired life in jolly 'ol England. Thus, my tour book remains unsigned by her.

John Deacon of Queen is another on my list of retired musicians.…


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Stephen Koschal Tricks Muhammad Ali into Signing Executed Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy Painting

by Herman Darvick

Stephen Koschal commissioned his friend John Wayne Gacy to paint two boxing paintings (obviously before Gacy was executed…


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Do You Sign Autographs at a Hit-and-Run? (Dwight Gooden, of course)

Retired Mets pitcher Dwight Gooden was always getting into trouble. I'd list the things he did, but it would be pages and pages long.

I'll give you the latest, though.

The 45-year-old was driving under the influence of drugs with his 5-year-old child in the car.

And what time do you think it was? Well, it was 9:00 a.m., the time when most of us our doing the liquid drugs they serve up at Starbucks.

He was not only on drugs, but…


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R.I.P Robert Culp

Robert Culp passed away the other day at the age of 79.

I interviewed Robert in 2008 at the Chiller convention in New Jersey. He was nice to me but showed some signs of confusion in his answers to my questions. I have quite a few signed items he autographed for me there!

Here is one of his OBITS.

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