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September 2009 Blog Posts (27)

Million Dollar Painting Stolen

If anyone knows who broke into my house and stole the Picasso I had on the wall, I'd like answers.

Okay, now that I got your attention...

The real story is this.

Two armed robbers got a Rene Magritte from a small museum in Brussels. I'm sure more of you know Renee Zellwegger but not Magritte. He's a Belgian surrealist, who did the 1948 "Olympia" oil painting, that was a nude portrait of his wife, Georgette (I'm guessing she would've flipped out if he tried to… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 30, 2009 at 7:29pm — No Comments

Horrorfind show in Baltimore went well and I received many interviews!!

At Horrorfind this past weekend I was able to interview Corbin Bernsen, Margot Kidder, Danny Trejo, Doug Jones, John Alexander and Monique Dupree.

I also found out just what dealers were visited by so many fans with their incredible items.

To see the wares that fans loved most in the dealers room here you have to visit their sites, and I am sure if you did not make it to this show, online is the best way to see these unique genre items.

Check out the incredible… Continue

Added by Mark J Gross on September 30, 2009 at 9:17am — No Comments

Early Paul McCartney Writing Found

Well, this would be a lot more fun had it been a song like Scrambled Eggs or something.

But in a Liverpool library, they found something the 10-year-old Paul wrote. It was an essay about the queen. Kevin Roach, a British researcher, said it was ver tidy, in a curling script, on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Sir Paul (well before he was a "sir") won the under-11 age category of the competition, and was awarded a gift certificate for books.

Added by Josh Board on September 28, 2009 at 11:33pm — No Comments

Stars on Tour: Where to Meet Your Favorite Celebrity Author

It's been said that everyone has a story to tell. When that "someone" is a celebrity who has written a book, that story will not only be told but also heavily promoted, usually with a multi-state book tour.

Lee Cochenour runs a website (www.celebritybooksigningsandevents.com) that collects information on upcoming signings by celebrity writers. Whether you're interested in actors, athletes or best-selling authors, Mr. Cochenour has the dates, times and locations where the celebs will… Continue

Added by Scott Voisin on September 27, 2009 at 5:53pm — 2 Comments

If You Are Such An Expert...

Like many serious collectors who acquire routinely thousands of autographs per month - that’s right per month - I still find it extremely difficult to keep up with the hobby unless I am the individual “there” personally acquiring the signature. On the “front-line” so to speak, part of those actually creating the next treasured collectible. I have always made it a point to cover major events, especially entertainers, rock concerts - when I wasn’t promoting them - in-person. Such is the case as I… Continue

Added by Mark Allen Baker on September 27, 2009 at 3:52am — No Comments

The Horrorfind show is great, and so far I've done a few interviews....more to come...

So far at this incredible Horrorfind convention, I have interviewed Corbin Bernsen, Danny Trejo, and Monique Dupree. Google them just in case you can't place the name with their faces!

Hoping to get Doug Jones, Margot Kidder and many more before this weekend is out!

Also, their dealers room which we fans LOVE, features such booths as Kim's Krypt where you can get awesome tee-shirts, music and collectables, Kreation X 3D as they market props , replicas, horror masks and more,… Continue

Added by Mark J Gross on September 26, 2009 at 8:00am — No Comments

Horrorfind Weekend convention THIS weekend in Baltimore Maryland !!!

Join the HORRORFIND WEEKEND convention at the Marriott Hunt Valley In Baltimore Maryland this weekend Sept 25,26 and 27th!

I will be interiewing guests there and they have a GREAT line-up and many other fascinating events throughout the weekend!

Guests will be signing autographs all weekend long.

Here is the link, you don't want to miss this genre fans!


Added by Mark J Gross on September 23, 2009 at 10:33am — 4 Comments

KISS advertisement

In an Entertainment Weekly I was reading a few days ago, the last page (connected to the actual magazine cover), was a full-page advertisement for M&Ms. It showed the members of the band KISS, but as M&Ms (now, if I was in charge of this ad campaign, I would've made a bunch of M&Ms dangling off of Gene Simmons long tongue...)

I would've also made the stage lights, which spell out KISS in the background, all with yellow M&Ms.

Each member has their stars or… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 23, 2009 at 1:05am — 8 Comments

HBO Hard Knocks- Did he really say that?...Really?

In my 30+ years of autograph collecting I had one of my worst collecting experiences recently. It was not an in-person experience or through-the-mail, it came while watching Episode 4 of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Carson Palmer is the 2002 Heisman trophy winning quarterback from USC and the Cincinnati Bengals starting quarterback. HBO spent training camp with the Bengals in Georgetown, Kentucky filming a documentary of the day to day experiences as they happen leading up to the start of the NFL season.… Continue

Added by Jay R. Neill on September 22, 2009 at 7:02pm — 5 Comments

Jessica Simpson - Her Doggie Died

I write for a newspaper in San Diego (San Diego Reader, if anyone is in town, pick one up).

I did a blog on their website called "Daisy's Pushing Daisies". It had to do with Jessica Simpson, who had a malti-poo (the same dog I have), being dragged off by a coyote. She put flies up asking for the publics help in finding it.

I think I angered some PETA people and dog lovers, when I said that she'll get the dog back as the "poo" part of maltipoo. Because, once the coyote has… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 21, 2009 at 11:04am — 2 Comments

Lonny Frey-- The end of an era... 1910-2009

It's rare in history that you can see the page turn or hear the door close, but that was the case when former baseball player Lonny Frey passed away last week of natural causes at the age of 99 years old. Lonny was a major league second baseman and shortstop from 1933 to 1948, while missing 1944 and 1945 to military service. He was the second-oldest living major league ballplayer and the oldest living New York Yankee. His accomplishments were many and his career was long. He played for the… Continue

Added by Jay R. Neill on September 20, 2009 at 8:27pm — 1 Comment

What Does Tony Curtis Have in Common w/ Flea?

Well, they're both a bundle of energy. They both lived in L.A.

But...it's the fact that they were both in San Diego recently. And, as my complaint previously regarding Mario Andretti being in town, I didn't know about Flea's appearance. I think he's one of the best bass players in music history, and would've loved to have gotten his autograph.

It was a charity fundraiser in La Jolla, for the Surf Industry Manufacturers' Humanitarian of the Year, which was awarded to Flea,… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 20, 2009 at 12:32am — 3 Comments

Ryan Seacrest -- Autograph Seeker Attacks His Security!

On TMZ tonight, they did a story about Ryan Seacrest doing some kind of benefit at a childrens hospital.

A man asked for his autograph, and he signed.

Later, Seacrest was walking to his car (not sure if he said "Seacrest out" before leaving). The man approached again, and he somehow got between Seacrest and his car. The security with Ryan asked the guy to move and the guy started choking one security member and throwing punches.

The police were called and the… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 19, 2009 at 1:14am — 1 Comment

John Lennon Signature Sells for $12,000

I saw a quick blurt on Showbiz Tonight on CNN yesterday...they said a magazine signed by John Lennon sold for $12,000. That's a bit steep for a Lennon signature, but it is the magazine in which he's quoted as saying The Beatles are more popular than Jesus (for those young folks, after Lennon said this, a lot of protests were staged and burning of Beatles albums took place).

Lennon then held a press conference for the idiots of the world, explaining: I never said we were better than… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 18, 2009 at 1:13am — 3 Comments

Poster shows the new Imax film version of Where the Wild Things Are

The movie, starring Max Records and featuring the voices of Lauren Ambrose, James Gandolfini, Catherine O'Hara and Forest Whitaker, opens in regular and IMAX theaters on Oct. 16.

Added by Mark J Gross on September 17, 2009 at 1:28pm — 2 Comments

The Movie "BIG FAN" and Aaron Eackhart on Tonight Show talks Autographs

I saw a preview of the movie "Big Fan" which stars one of the best stand-up comedians working today -- Patton Oswald. He tones down the funny in this serious role of a sad-sack sports fan.

Since he's a huge fan of the New York Giants, there are a few scenes that talk briefly about autographs. One includes them seeing their favorite player at a gas station (and they follow him to a strip club). One wishes he had a Sharpie. The other suggests they follow him into the bathroom, since… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 17, 2009 at 1:26am — No Comments

Jimmy Kimmel Sells Autographed Rod Blagojevich Chair!

Of all the late night shows, Jimmy Kimmel does more bits relating to autographs. And he's at it again.

Last night, he showed a clip of Rod Blagojevich, the disgraced congressman, on a recent interview. Kimmel joked about him "selling his seat" and then he joked that he'd "sell the seat he was sitting on."

Kimmel showed all the other guests who have recently sat on it...Shaq, Mel Gibson, and "four foxes," which included Michael J. Fox and Megan Fox.

Blagojevich… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 16, 2009 at 1:27am — 2 Comments

To Yell Or Not To Yell: How Do You Get A Celeb's Attention?

Imagine that you're standing outside the exit of a theater, waiting for one of your favorite actors to leave. You're hoping to score an autograph from him as he makes his way to the getaway car, but so are the 60 or 70 other people that surround you. You know the actor will sign, but he'll do it as he quickly walks the gauntlet to his vehicle, meaning most people will come away empty-handed.

What's the best way to get that actor to sign your photo? Do you say his name loudly over and… Continue

Added by Scott Voisin on September 16, 2009 at 12:05am — 2 Comments

George Clooney signs for the masses

Movie star George Clooney continues to earn his title as one of Autograph magazine's 10 Best Hollywood Signers. Below is a report from the 34th Toronto International Film Festival where Clooney was promoting his newest film, "Up in the Air."

Monday, September 14, 2009

By Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

TORONTO -- Even with a bandaged hand, George Clooney is master of the autograph mambo.

It goes like this: Sign and step, and sign and step, and… Continue

Added by Scott Voisin on September 13, 2009 at 11:49pm — No Comments

6-Year-Old Boy Gets Souvenir

Little kids are always after autographs from their favorite baseball players. Heck, even us big kids are.

But a 6-year-old at Comerica Park for the Tigers-Blue Jays game Friday, wanted something else. A baseball. And, usually the kids hang on the rails and ask the players warming up for balls. This kid had a better idea.

The 7th inning had ended, and the Tigers were coming onto the field. The boy jumped onto the field and ran to the pitcher's mount. He lost his baseball… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 13, 2009 at 1:16pm — 1 Comment

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