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Autograph Signing Ends with Punching

Singer Leona Lewis, a chart-topper more well known in England, was assaulted at a book signing in London.

She was autograph copies of her new autobiography. Witnesses told the BBC that the attacker had waited in line, then walked up with a book. She signed it, and as she looked up he punched her.

I immediately thought of John Lennon, and how the guy that killed him got his autograph on the Double Fantasy album earlier in the afternoon.

Security grabbed the guy,… Continue

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Art Schlichter- Football Star Goes From Private Signings To A Private Cell

Growing up in Ohio my first memories of college football are of watching Ohio State quarterback Art Schlichter as he lead the Buckeyes from 1978 to 1981. He was the last starting quarterback for legendary Buckeyes coach Woody Hayes, and was in the lineup when Hayes' infamous punch of Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman in the 1978 Gator Bowl effectively ending Hayes’ coaching career. Art was an All-American with a Rose Bowl appearance, two Big Ten championships and his last three years in college… Continue

Added by Jay R. Neill on October 13, 2009 at 5:09pm — 1 Comment

Red Skelton - My Hero !

While growing up as a kid, and watching the old black and white tv-shows. i got to see thee funnest Clown of All time.The Red Skelton Show was so funny to watch him and his movies. Wow ! And then to See Red in Color in the early 70's and him on Johnny Carson late night. And his painting art work , music and his School. He was so Gifted and Talented man, for me to think someday i'd love to meet this man. But thanks to my dear aunts, which one has just passed away in 2009. They took me to see Red… Continue

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Helping others in Need !

Hey to all !

My name is steve mills of williamsburg, Ky. I'm so Blessed to still receive the Autograph Magazine, And to meet friends that share the same interest. I love Reaching -Out all and to Share the Blessing what God has given me. From the Death of my son Andy age 12 killed in 12-28-99 in front of me and my ex-wife. To help my son Andy with Autograph and his strong love for People also.

That help him and i both to deal with his A.D.. Andy was so Awsome with all people, He… Continue

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Babe Ruth -- Not a Rare Autograph, but Rare Video!

On the east coast, some video footage showed up of Babe Ruth striking out, and looking mad about it. He then glanced at the umpire while leaning on his bat. He uttered something, but there's no sound. The legendary Lou Gehrig, who probably never had a nasty word to say to umps, awaited on deck, leaning on his bat as well.

Ruth walked away with his head down, and bat dragging through the dirt.

This footage, along with 8 seconds of never before seen stuff of Ruth playing in… Continue

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$70,800 for a Glove? Not OJs. Not Mickey Mantles, but...Michaels.

The glove that the King of Pop wore during the Victory Tour in 1984, just wrangled in almost $71,000 at the Profiles in History (or, Profiles in HIStory, if you want to stick to the Jackson theme) auction.

I would've rather had the Martin D-28 guitar that Elvis played during his final Vegas performance. Apparently, a lot of other folks would, too. That sold for $106,200.

The auction made $5 million in memorabilia sales in this auction.

Added by Josh Board on October 11, 2009 at 8:57pm — 1 Comment

Indiana Pacers Pre-Season

I was lucky enough to join the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis on October 7, 2009 for their pre-season game against the Chicago Bulls. Although the game left much to be desired (ie: the Pacers didn't win) there were some opportunities that presented themselves for autographs.

TJ Ford, a 2003 1st round draft pick of the Milwaukee Bucks, is coming into his 2nd season with the Pacers. Last year he shared playing time with Jarrett Jack, but with Jarrett gone to the Toronto Raptors TJ… Continue

Added by Eric Fields on October 9, 2009 at 7:25pm — 1 Comment

King Kong Auction Item

It seems in auctions, people aren't getting the prices they want for their high end items. Maybe now isn't the right time to be selling, but here's something else Christie's is whipping out today.

A tiny King Kong figurine that's a 22-inch skeleton, used in one of the climactic scenes of the 1933 movie (not the Jack Black, Brody movie, which I thought was horrible).

The monster ended up being made by adding layers of cotton, rubber, liquid latex, and rabbit fur, to a metal… Continue

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Autographed Baseball a Kid Doesn't Want

I often complain to my friends about our legal system. And it's stories like this that make me complain.

Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard hit his 200th career home run. And that's not all that much of a milestone. Well, I didn't think it was.

But it's the fastest player in baseball to ever reach that milestone so quickly.

A 12-year-old caught the ball, and the procedure that always happens happened.

The player wanted to keep the ball, so he… Continue

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Jay Leno Talks Autographs with Joe Torre

Dodger manager Joe Torre was on Jay Leno, answering the 10 questions. That's a new bit Leno does, where a celebrity answers 10 questions remotely. It's usually a big name (he's had Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, and Mel Gibson all do this bit). And some of the questions are goofier and more fun than the questions you hear in the studio.

He asked Torre the weirdest prank he was ever involved in. Torre said his first year in baseball, this manager used to give a brand new baseball to the… Continue

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T-Rex -- The Dinosaur (not the band)

I love classic rock. And, I'd love nothing more than an Electric Warrior album signed by Marc Bolan of T-Rex. Of course, you'd need to use a silver or gold paint pen, as the alum is mostly black (and also raise him from the dead...yeah, typical rock star movie; died in a car crash).

I guess us autograph collectors would rather have that than a fossilized Tyrannosaurus rex. Maybe that's because Bonhams & Butterfields had a starting bid in the millions!

They were hoping… Continue

Added by Josh Board on October 4, 2009 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Ingmar Bergman items net $900,000

Ingmar Bergman's writing desk and chair would've looked so nice in my office. I don't care about the wine glasses, tea set, or other belongs that sold. But, the Bukowski auction house in Stockholm made almost a million bucks with all the stuff.

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Million Dollar Painting Stolen

If anyone knows who broke into my house and stole the Picasso I had on the wall, I'd like answers.

Okay, now that I got your attention...

The real story is this.

Two armed robbers got a Rene Magritte from a small museum in Brussels. I'm sure more of you know Renee Zellwegger but not Magritte. He's a Belgian surrealist, who did the 1948 "Olympia" oil painting, that was a nude portrait of his wife, Georgette (I'm guessing she would've flipped out if he tried to… Continue

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Horrorfind show in Baltimore went well and I received many interviews!!

At Horrorfind this past weekend I was able to interview Corbin Bernsen, Margot Kidder, Danny Trejo, Doug Jones, John Alexander and Monique Dupree.

I also found out just what dealers were visited by so many fans with their incredible items.

To see the wares that fans loved most in the dealers room here you have to visit their sites, and I am sure if you did not make it to this show, online is the best way to see these unique genre items.

Check out the incredible… Continue

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Early Paul McCartney Writing Found

Well, this would be a lot more fun had it been a song like Scrambled Eggs or something.

But in a Liverpool library, they found something the 10-year-old Paul wrote. It was an essay about the queen. Kevin Roach, a British researcher, said it was ver tidy, in a curling script, on the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Sir Paul (well before he was a "sir") won the under-11 age category of the competition, and was awarded a gift certificate for books.

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Stars on Tour: Where to Meet Your Favorite Celebrity Author

It's been said that everyone has a story to tell. When that "someone" is a celebrity who has written a book, that story will not only be told but also heavily promoted, usually with a multi-state book tour.

Lee Cochenour runs a website ( that collects information on upcoming signings by celebrity writers. Whether you're interested in actors, athletes or best-selling authors, Mr. Cochenour has the dates, times and locations where the celebs will… Continue

Added by Scott Voisin on September 27, 2009 at 5:53pm — 3 Comments

If You Are Such An Expert...

Like many serious collectors who acquire routinely thousands of autographs per month - that’s right per month - I still find it extremely difficult to keep up with the hobby unless I am the individual “there” personally acquiring the signature. On the “front-line” so to speak, part of those actually creating the next treasured collectible. I have always made it a point to cover major events, especially entertainers, rock concerts - when I wasn’t promoting them - in-person. Such is the case as I… Continue

Added by Mark Allen Baker on September 27, 2009 at 3:52am — No Comments

The Horrorfind show is great, and so far I've done a few interviews....more to come...

So far at this incredible Horrorfind convention, I have interviewed Corbin Bernsen, Danny Trejo, and Monique Dupree. Google them just in case you can't place the name with their faces!

Hoping to get Doug Jones, Margot Kidder and many more before this weekend is out!

Also, their dealers room which we fans LOVE, features such booths as Kim's Krypt where you can get awesome tee-shirts, music and collectables, Kreation X 3D as they market props , replicas, horror masks and more,… Continue

Added by Mark J Gross on September 26, 2009 at 8:00am — No Comments

Horrorfind Weekend convention THIS weekend in Baltimore Maryland !!!

Join the HORRORFIND WEEKEND convention at the Marriott Hunt Valley In Baltimore Maryland this weekend Sept 25,26 and 27th!

I will be interiewing guests there and they have a GREAT line-up and many other fascinating events throughout the weekend!

Guests will be signing autographs all weekend long.

Here is the link, you don't want to miss this genre fans!

Added by Mark J Gross on September 23, 2009 at 10:33am — 4 Comments

KISS advertisement

In an Entertainment Weekly I was reading a few days ago, the last page (connected to the actual magazine cover), was a full-page advertisement for M&Ms. It showed the members of the band KISS, but as M&Ms (now, if I was in charge of this ad campaign, I would've made a bunch of M&Ms dangling off of Gene Simmons long tongue...)

I would've also made the stage lights, which spell out KISS in the background, all with yellow M&Ms.

Each member has their stars or… Continue

Added by Josh Board on September 23, 2009 at 1:05am — 8 Comments

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