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Weirdest Way to Have an Autograph Authenticated -- ON NATIONAL TV!

I'm watching Jimmy Kimmel Live a few nights ago. He's quickly become my favorite late night host. He's got a great interview style, and great wit.

He had Ashley Greene on, who is one of the young starlets from Twilight. Now, when there's a guest like that, I end up reading a newspaper or magazine, while it's on the TV. I figure, they're going to talk about a project that I didn't see or don't want to see, so why not catch up on my reading?

I hear her talk about…


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Some interest auction notes recently…

With Michael Jackson dying, the auction that happened before his death, certainly didn’t get the numbers the items did afterwards.

On the anniversary of his death, the crystal studded glove he wore on his Victory Tour in the mid 80s, went for almost…


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Conan, Letterman and Bob Hope???

The other night, David Letterman did a bit before Kevin James (King of Queens) came out. He's done it a few times before, but not recently. He talks to the ghost of Bob Hope. And who ever does the voice of Hope, nails it.

This time, when Hope was signing off, he asked Letterman to get Kevin James to sign his DVD of Paul Blart. I literally laughed so loud, I woke up my girlfriend up.

On TMZ, speaking of Kevin James, they showed all the cast members of Grown Ups…


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Sgt. Pepper Lennon Lyrics -- The Real Deal -- $1 million

The last song on the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band record was A Day in the Life, written by John Lennon. It's considered by many the best song on the album.

In Rolling Stone Magazines list of 500 Great Songs of All Time, it was #26. And, in terms of handwritten lyrics, it's probably #1.

An American collecto paid $1.2 million for it at the Sotheby's auction. They had estimated it would get between 500,000 and $800,000.

It's on a…


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Amazing Americana Pieces

James Copley Library in La Jolla (San Diego) sold a lot of their collection. It was purchased in the 60s and 70s by Copley, who liked museum quality books, letters, and documents. The Union-Tribune showed photos of Mark Twain from the late 1800s that were valued at around 3K, and that didn't impress me much.

The story talked about an early printing of the Declaration of Independence, whi was valued at $600,000. There was a chair Abraham Lincoln sat in when he learned he'd be…


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The Jodie Foster Incident

Jodie Foster was never the best with autograph seekers. And, because of her personal life (rumors that she's a lesbian, adopted kids), she's not into stopping for the paparazzi either. And who could blame her?
Well, the Taxi Driver star looked more like DeNiro's character, when she went off on a…

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Celebrities on TV Talk Autographs -- Adam Sandler, Marilyn Manson

I don't know the actors name, but he's the fat dude who played Hurley on the TV show LOST. He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live (who was a big fan of Lost), and he was shown one of the dolls that was made of him. He talked about how cool it was to have a doll designed after him. They made fun of the stuffing in the stomach to make it appear fat.

He then mentioned how shock rocker Marilyn Manson asked him to autograph one for him. He said, "I didn't know what to write on it. I think I…


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Current Issue of Autograph

Everyone should read the cover story by Kimberly Cole, her interview with Stephen. It's amazing.

Also, in the horror-sci fi column, which I seldom read (as I'm not interested in sci fi/horror as much), I always love the wonderful pictures provided in that column. Well, I saw at a convention, one guy is signing photos of Chucky, from Child's Play. They are signed by the "actor" that does the voice of Chucky.

The problem a movie critic for…


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Princess Diana's Dress (Galileo, Galileo, Galileo finger ohhhhhh)

In London, a black gown that's a bit on the racy side, sold for more than $275,000. Lady Di wore it on one of her first official engagements, and a Chilean fashion museum snatched it up. But who wouldn't, at such a great price!

The dress caused a minor scandal when she was pictured wearing it to an event in 1981, but not nearly as controversial as Monica's blue dress (which I'm still surprised hasn't hit the auction block).

Apparently royals aren't supposed to…


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Autographs Regarding the Perfect Game Pitcher

You've all heard the story by now. Pitcher Armando Galaragga pitched a perfect game. These are so rare, only 20 have been thrown in the entire history of major league baseball.

But wait...the first base umpire made a bad call, saying the last runner was safe (video replay clearly shows he wasn't).

The commissioner even considered reversing that call and award Galaragga the perfect game. Doing that, though, would open a big can of worms.

Until a…


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Want Tickets to a Perfect Game?

In my Beatles signed record saga, I have an upcoming story about a relative that bought hundreds of tickets to a game in which a baseball record was going to be broken. All with the idea that this player would sign the tickets, they'd sell them, and split the profits. It didn't work out so well. Stay tuned for a future Autograph magazine for details.

It ties in to this unusual story.

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay threw a perfect game against the…


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Beach Boys Autographs

I was at a party in Encinitas (15 miles north of San Diego), and I met an entertainment attorney. One of his clients was The Beach Boys. Another was Barbara Streisand. He had some great stories about hanging out with them in the studio and having them call his dad on his birthday, etc.

Well, in the San Diego Union-Tribune today, there was a story about an 8th grader at Notre Dame Academy in Carmel Valley (here in San Diego). This 8th grader is the daughter of Beach Boy Mike…


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