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Precious and Anderson Cooper

I'm watching a TMZ from a week ago, and I saw Anderson Cooper signing autographs. It's always amazing to see newscasters being swarmed for autographs. If I had a run in with a legend like Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite, unless I could think of something clever to have him personalize...otherwise, I wouldn't bother.

I saw the movie Precious tonight. It goes down as one of the worst titles in movie history (even surpassing "Ice Station Zebra"). The full title is something like:… Continue

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The Food Dude and Jay Leno Discuss Autographs

On TV tonight, someone named "Guy" something or other (my girlfriend just yelled from the othe room "he's the guy they call 'the food dude'.")

He was doing the 10 at 10 questions, and I didn't hear the question. But he said his car had broken down once and he was on the side of the road. A bunch of young guys pulled over, and he thought they were going to help him. Instead, they just asked for autographs and left.

He also talked about two older women that were sitting in a… Continue

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Black Friday -- The Perfect Gift for the Collector in Your Family

No, I didn't spend Black Friday shopping for autographs and memorabilia. I slept in. I woke up 30 minutes ago, and ate some leftovers. is good.

But I saw this collectable that I couldn't pass up on blogging about.

The Navy plans to give away the retired aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy. Yes, you heard correctly. "Give away".

Sure, a Kennedy signature (no matter how sloppy and hard to read he always made it), would be a nice stocking stuffer. But… Continue

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Baseball Hall of Fame Autographs -- For the low, low price of $2,229

There's a 20-DVD set of World Series films that you can buy for over two grand. The perfect stocking stuffer if you're related to Ken Burns!

A limited edition run of 100 sets was put together by Major League Baseball Productions, A&E, and Mounted Memories. And, this will contain 65 films from 1943 to 2008. That's 50 hours of baseball watching fun! (I wrote that sarcastically, not sure if you could tell)

There are also authenticated autographs of 12 Hall of Famers,… Continue

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Sarah Signs -- Palin doing the book tour thing

I just saw Sarah Palin on Entertainment Tonight. Mary Hart asked her, as fans were waiting to meet her, if she ever waited in line to meet someone.

Palin seemed excited as she said she had.

And my mind went reelin'. Who could she have waited to meet? Nancy Reagan? Maybe Audrey Hepburn or Gloria Steinem. Oh, the possibilities were endless.

Nope. Nobody all that interesting. It was Ivana Trump. Palin said she was at a department store with a new… Continue

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Michael Jackson vs. Galileo

Are you confused by the title? Good.

I could probably make some joke about Michael Jacksons nose, before talking about Galileo's tooth and finger. But I've done so much of that recently.

By now you heard Michael Jacksons glove went for $450,000 in auction. Here are a few of the prices realized by some other items.

Johnny Cash Wilkanowski & Sons Airway “Fiddle” Guitar $37,500

Elvis Presley Jacket from “Speedway” $20,480

Bo Diddley “Trademark” hat… Continue

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Weirdest Ryan O'Neal Signed Photo Ever!

So, we all know that Ryan O'Neal was at Farrahs bedside as she died. They've always had an on again/off again relationship, and at the time, I thought it was great that he stepped up in her time of need.

Then he admits to trying to pick up on his daughter at the funeral. He didn't recognize her.

Then, Farrah doesn't leave him anything in the will. But leaves $100,000 to a lover she had, that Ryan kept away during her final days (someone with the last name Lott, but not… Continue

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The Latest From an Autograph Nut

So, my girlfriend and I are watching TV. I see a commercial for the latest animated movie, Planet 51 (I'm sure our resident Sci Fi guy will give us some good info on that film). Anyway, I hear a character say to an astronaut, "You're an astronaut! Can I have your autograph?"

And a second later, my girlfriend said "Hey...Johnny Depp signed..." and I interrupted her to say "Yeah, he's such a great autograph signer. He's been on the cover of Autograph, as the Top signer."

She… Continue

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Bernie Madoff Auction -- Are You Kidding?

I can't believe how much money they made auctioning off his items. I'm glad they did, because a lot of it went to the people he swindled.

A New York Mets baseball jacket with his surname stitched on the back, valued at around $700...sold for $14,500. The Mets team owners, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, were among the many victims of Madoff.

His Hofstra College ring was valued at around $350, and went for $6,000.

The hotel ballroom in Manhattan, was filled with… Continue

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Obama and Letterman Autographs

A guy in Wisconsin got President Obama to sign a cheesehead. If you aren't familiar with those...well, the Green Bay Packer fans where this styrofoam block of cheese on their heads at games. And, well, I'm guessing other times, too. We only see them when they're at the frozen tundra, supporting the Pack.

One lucky fan got the President to sign his, and he had planned on selling it on eBay. He decided at the last minute, to donate it to a museum.

I thought that was a great… Continue

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Oh, the Humanity! An Autographed Beer Bottle from Hindenburg Disaster

A signed bottle of Lowenbrau beer, recovered from the 1937 disaster that killed 38, is going on the auction block. And they're hoping to get $8,000 for it.

But all you beer drinkers, be warned. Beer doesn't age like a fine wine. Or Twinkies. About 20% has already evaporated from the bottle, and it probably tastes horrid.

A New Jersey firefighter found it on the scene, and it has scorch marks. Most of the label is intact.

I'm not clear on WHO autographed the… Continue

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Airline Miles Exchanged for Autographs

This is how you know you are way to into autographs.

Each year, I'm able to fly somewhere free, because of the airline miles I've acquired (mostly because I use my credit cards for everything now).

Well, they sent me this catalog. And, instead of using your miles to fly, you can get various products. I think it was 500,000 miles in exchange for some big screen, plasma TV.

And there were small items as well.

I'm a football fan, and I actually thought… Continue

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Ray Ramono Signing Autographs

On TMZ last night, I saw Ray Ramono hounded by the paparazzi. He answered their obnoxious questions, all the while signing autographs for a large crowd of fans.

At one point, his wife asks one guy "What are you going to do with all of those?" He must've had a stack of 8 x 10s. He then said, "Well, I'm going to keep some, and trade and sell some."

At least this autograph dealer was honest. I just wish they'd refrain from the large stacks of photos. It makes it so much… Continue

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Gandolfini Says "Fah'get about it!" and Manure Sculpture Sells!

James Gandolfini, from The Sopranoes, apparently threw punches at an autograph seeker previously. So it's not surprise that when a fan (not a paparazzi, although he probably didn't know that) started filming him, he yelled at the guy before pushing his camera down. The guy said he's not used to such treatment and is considering a lawsuit.

Another story that isn't really an autograph story, but something collectors might be able to appreciate....

New Zealand agricultural… Continue

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Autographed Artist John Ruthven Bought Cheap

In the Union-Tribune here in San Diego, there was a story about a guy that bought a signed print for charity. It was a signed, limited edition print of a leaping mahi mahi, and went for $60 for Promises 2 Kids, which benefits abused children.

He Googled the Ohio artist, and discovered Ruthven was a renowned wildlife painter that had works in the White House, Smithsonian, Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum, and other prestiges places.

This guy even contacted the artist's… Continue

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Autographed La-Z-Boy Photo and Empty Box

So, this guy got arrested for drunk driving. Unlike the goofy woman who called 911 to report a drunk driver, only to tell the operator "I am them." And being asked to pull over, while a cop found her and arrested her for a DUI.

This guy drove his La-Z-Boy into a parked truck and got into trouble.

He's selling autographed pictures on eBay to raise money (I believe, for his legal defense). The first photo sold for $750, which baffles me. That's about the price I would pay… Continue

Added by Josh Board on November 3, 2009 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

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